April 25, 1987-Excerpt from Washington Post Editorial*


It is all but certain now that the era of Mikhail Gorbachev and the reforms he had begun to implement is over. Grigory Romanov has consolidated his power and is firmly in control. The new general secretary was a rival of Gorbachev, who sacked him from the Politburo in July of 1985. This makes Romanov’s ascendancy suspicious at the very least. He is a hardliner who has championed a strong Soviet military in the face of growing US power across the world. In a 1983 address, Romanov said  “The development of events in the world arena demands from us the highest vigilance, restraint, firmness and unremitting attention to the strengthening of the country’s defense capability… Perhaps never before in the postwar decades has the situation in the world arena been as tense as it is now. The international situation at present is white hot, thoroughly white hot.”


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